It's no secret in the manufacturing world that the product must fit the consumer.  At R Squared's wall panel division we've taken that philosophy a little bit farther.  Our wall panels cut down labor, waste material, and job site construction time.  Walls are delivered directly from our manufacturing facility to your job site, along with an easy to read blueprint created in R Squared's design department that makes setting the walls quick and painless.

These walls go together right the first time, every time. By using experienced framers at our designing, cutting, and building stations, we have all but eliminated waste lumber.  Every stick of lumber that passes through our doors is used to its fullest potential.  Less waste means more savings, and we can pass those onto you. There is also less waste at the job site, which means you will be paying less for disposal fees. When compared to stick framing, wall panels cut job site waste by an average of 70%.  You also save the man hours it would take to put all that waste into the job site dumpster. 

A clean job site is a much safer job site. Less hours on the job means more profit, and that is what R Squared’s wall panels bring to you.  Wall panels can cut job site time by up to 40%.  Smaller crews can now do the work of much larger crews. By reducing time in the field, you are reducing your overhead, workers compensation, and your overall liability.

With R Squared’s wall panels, you can do more jobs in the same amount of time.  That means you see more profits without having to increase your work force or put in more hours.  If you would like to increase your bottom line, our wall panels are the answer. R Squared’s wall panels are the obvious choice when you want to speed up construction and increase profit.